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Start Your Tour NRP Kids to the Capitol logo Welcome to the Texas Capitol
where laws are made.
With so many people living in Texas, it is important to have rules that
everyone must follow. These rules are called laws, and they are designed
to help everyone live together. Let’s explore how laws are made in Texas!
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Bill To Law Filibuster NRP Kids to the Capitol logo The longest filibuster in Texas was in 1977 by
a state Senator Bill Meier who talked for 43
hours without stopping! That's almost two
days of non-stop talking. It was recognized in
the Guinness Book of World Records.
A Filibuster means that Senators are allowed to speak
for as long as they like on the Senate Chamber floor
as long as they stay standing in the Senate Chamber.
Senators filibuster as a way to block a vote or to delay a vote.
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Governor NRP Kids to the Capitol logo The Governor of Texas plays a big
role in making bills into laws.
It is the signature of the Governor
that makes a bill a law. But the
Governor can also stop a bill from
becoming a law by using his
veto power.
A bill can pass in both the Texas
House and Senate, but if the
Governor vetoes the bill, it will
not become a law. This makes the
Office of the Governor very powerful.
The Governor is elected every 4
years by the people who live in Texas.

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